Jennifer Jones Jewelry



Refunds: I usually DO NOT accept returns so please if there are any doubts or hesitations BEFORE the purchase please feel free to contact me with questions. I am more then willing to send extra photos, dimensions, weight ect. for you to feel confident in your purchase. With that being said if you still are not happy with the product please let me know. I wouldn't want someone to have to hold on to a piece they really dislike, and hopefully we can work out a compromise in the form of store credit. There will be no option for cash returns.

Shipping: I ship USPS within the United States. I always include a tracking number and the option to pay for insurance (however I feel that insurance is more of a red flag for theft!). Shipping is a standard 5$ however I have the right to charge accordingly with larger orders or orders over seas. Over seas shipping option are per request. Unfortunately I cannot be held accountable for packages being lost in the mail but will do whatever I can to track down a lost package. 

Payment Plans: Contact me to discuss the possibility of a payment plan, I am happy to accommodate most budgets and time frames within reason. 

Custom work:

Deposit: With all custom work I ask for a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit in order to begin the project. There are some preliminary questions and discussions with each commissioned piece and I offer this back and forth free of charge in order to confirm and clarity the details of the project. If there is an issue putting forth a deposit please feel free to contact me so we can work out an agreement. The rest of the payment is due at the completion of the project and under no circumstances will a piece be delivered before. 

Damage: I will be using the honor system for this policy. I would like to put the trust in my clients to let me know how damage happened to their piece of jewelry. I sell to a lot of concert goers and party people SO if something does happen to your piece and you are at fault I would gladly repair it with payment (which will include time, silver, and replacing lost stones if possible). If that is not the case and the wires came loose, stones popped out ect. I am happy to fix it free of charge. Unfortunately with this type of jewelry making there is no heat or sauter applied so over time wire tends to wiggle around, I am constantly working to improve my craftsmanship to eliminate this issue. If you find a stone is coming loose but has not fallen out contact me immediately!!