Jennifer Jones Jewelry

Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where they will end up. As life changes direction, I’ll flow with it.
— Katrina Kaif


Greeting lovely people!  My name is  Jennifer Jones and I am a 29 year old jewelry artist based out of Philadelphia PA.  I am largely self-taught with some professional training in metalsmithing at the Wayne art center and Deleware art museum.  Being predominantly self-taught has allowed me to create my own distinct style that has been evolving since 2011.  I started making jewelry because of my love for gemstones and the magic and potency they possess.  Every one is a piece of art in itself, made by the earth, and I strive to have its natural beauty shine through in my art.

Each piece I create is as unique as it is personal, no two pieces are the same.  I draw inspiration from the greatest muse of all, life.  It is with this mindset that anything can give flight to a design, the curves of a rose, the sharpness of an arrow head, the symmetry of a butterfly…just to name a few.  While crystals and silver are my favorite elements to work with I have also incorporated several different mediums including gold, leather, blown glass, bear claws, sea shells and fossils…And my repertoire is only growing.

We live in a mass produced world where the divide between the natural world and the artificial world is ever growing.  Jennifer Jones Jewelry aims to close that gap by spreading the wonder of gemstones and personal, unique handmade art to everyone. It is my hope that the special touch I put into my art will help to remind us of the importance of going with the natural flow of life, not living beside nature but becoming in tune with it and its offerings.


After 26 years of growing in experience and career (5 in the jewelry world) I felt a calling to spread not only the knowledge I acquired through the years but also the joy that comes with making jewelry. My offerings have come in the form of workshops at small festivals and private lessons to inquiring clients. Teaching has allowed me to share not only the physical skills of wire wrapping but also the mental challenges that come with any art form. Jewelry making can be just as challenging as rewarding, frustrating as calming, and simple yet COMPLEX to no end! When we make something new from basic materials it can be a uniquely rewarding endevor and one that everyone should get to experience.  

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding private or group lesson. 


Many blessing